Andrea and Nora made their first landing in Malta, an island that still bears many important traces of the centuries-old presence of the noble Spinola family: Palazzo Spinola, for example, was built in 1688 for Fra Paolo Raffaele Spinola, a Knight of the Order of St John and Grand Prior of Lombardy; originally, the building was set in extensive parkland, with Baroque gardens and, of course, vineyards!

According to the Latin inscription above the main entrance, Palazzo Spinola and its park was built as a place of recreation for local residents. It overlooks Spinola Bay, also known today as St Julian’s Bay, and houses the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM).

The purpose of the visit was to meet a number of current and potential clients interested in organic Gavi, at a special wine-tasting evening offering Andrea and Nora and their clients an opportunity to get to know one another.

Of the many restaurant visits around the island, the evening at the prestigious Palazzo Preca restaurant, one of the best known in Malta, was unforgettable. The restaurant is run by the owners and chefs Roberta and Ramona, who include Marchese Luca Spinola organic wines in their wine list, and also dress in the colours and with the crest of the family!



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