This summer the organic vineyards at the Marchese Luca Spinola estate were the setting for two photoshoots organised by two outstanding photographers: Cristian Castelnuovo and the couple Tiago & Tania.

Thanks to their photos taken at the Spinola estate and elsewhere, Tiago & Tania were ranked second in Esplorare Gavi – Immagini d’Autore dal Piemonte, a photography prize organised by the Consorzio Tutela del Gavi to describe the land of Piedmont’s famous white wine through the exciting lens of professional art photography.

Tiago and Tania spent a day at the vineyard, enjoying the scenery and sampling delicious food and wine in the company of Andrea and Nora Spinola, who appear in a number of snaps, both serious and humorous, that can be seen here, on the two photographers’ website.

The pair portray the emotions and sensations they experienced as they explored the home of Gavi DOCG through their photos, fascinating and unconventional pictorial essays offering an artistic interpretation of the landscapes, history, colours, places and people. The photoshoot at the Spinola estate focused on the lakes and water lilies that are so popular with visitors during the wine tastings, the work in the vineyards, the grapes, the bottles and the spectacle provided by the rows of vines seen from different angles. Click here for some of the stunning photos shown at the MIA exhibition in Milan in October.

Nor is this the end of the story: a third art photography project is underway at the Spinola estate, whose interpretation of nature and the vineyards will be reproduced in a special publication we’ll be telling you about soon…stay tuned!