One of the attractions of making wine are the relationships that build up around this fascinating and ancient fruit of the earth. Relations among winegrowers can turn into solid friendships fuelled by the continuous search for quality and excellence. This is the context for Andrea and Nora Spinola’s visits to their winegrower friends during the long health emergency, when they were unable to travel to see clients and exporters as they would normally do.

Visits to the Cantine Conte Vistarino, for example, the “home of pinot nero” in the Oltrepò Pavese area, or to the Poderi Einaudi in the Langhe area, to sample their outstanding wines.

Convivial occasions, but above all an opportunity to share thoughts about the new challenges on the food and wine market, about organic agriculture, and to learn more from growers with years of experience in red wines: 2021 will be the first nebbiolo harvest at the Marchese Luca Spinola vineyards, all organic of course!