Ever closer ties with Japan

Every year we go back to the land of the rising sun with renewed pleasure, but 2019 offered endless prestigious opportunities for the Marchese Luca Spinola wine producer.

In addition to the usual tastings, and our participation at Foodex, Japan’s first food and beverages tradeshow, we had the chance to tell people about our organic wines in three different Italian restaurants in Tokyo, which opened their doors for a day to welcome Piedmont’s two most famous wines: the Barolo red and the Gavi white, both with organic certification.

At the presentations, Andrea Spinola illustrated the specific features of the company’s three labels during a very successful tasting format, the “wine makers lunch and dinner”, where participants were able to sample the wines together with the chef’s entrées, and test the success of the food/wine pairings in a real-life situation. Even so, the detail of greatest interest to the Japanese public, and to audiences all over the world, is the presence of the producer talking about his experiences and his lifestyle choices: from the decision to live with his family at the vineyard and enjoy its natural surroundings to the decision to keep local and family traditions alive, or even to revive them in the case of the ancestral method used for the organic production of the Marchese col Fondo label.

The result is a relationship of great importance, which we are sure will continue over the years notwithstanding the geographical distances!