While our new wine – exclusively organic as you know – continues to ferment in our cellars, we certainly aren’t standing idle.

At the beginning of October, Nora took part in a charity craft fair in Milan, where she presented and organised samplings of our wines. The day’s proceeds all went to charity, and besides helping struggling families, the event was an opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to a new public in Milan.



With the artistic photography duo Tiago and Tania, with whom we have become good friends, we organised an exciting shoot in part of the castle in Tassarolo, which produced some magnificent photos, true masterpieces, which we shall be exhibiting at our winery in the spring.


At long last we have been able to meet up again with our Jordanian importers, with whom we have developed close ties of cooperation and who adore all our organic wines, especially our “Marchese col fondo”. We spent a wonderful evening at Flavio Costa’s excellent restaurant in Alba, enjoying our wines as accompaniments to tempting dishes from Piedmontese cuisine.


While October was still a very warm month, with wonderful sunsets and the changing colours of nature, now in November it has finally begun raining, giving our vines the water they badly needed. It may be wet and foggy outside, but inside we are continuing with our wine samplings in our tasting room, in front of a blazing fire: every season has its charms.