Important news in the vineyard and winery: nebbiolo and the classic method come to the estate for the first time

A vocation for innovation sees the Marchese Luca Spinola estate constantly engaged in research and new developments, which, this year, involve both the vineyard and the winery.

For the first time we have planted a red variety: the highly regarded nebbiolo, a native Piedmontese grape.

Nebbiolo ripens slowly, through to October or even November, so that harvests often take place shrouded in autumn mists: in fact, some people say nebbia, the Italian word for fog, is the origin of its name. Others say that the nebbia reference is due to the bloom, which covers the medium-small grapes’ thin but resistant skin with an opalescent film that recalls the autumnal mists typical of the area.

The variety needs three years to pass before we see the first “fruits” of our labours: we can’t wait!

We’ll also have to wait to sample another new Marchese Luca Spinola label, a 2018 spumante or sparkling wine made with the traditional method, which will be ready in 2021.

The main difference compared with the Charmat method is that the traditional method involves a second fermentation, so that the bubbles are generated directly in the bottle. The base for a sparkling wine is usually a blend – or cuvée – of different grape varieties and different harvests, and is bottled with the addition of a selection of yeasts and sugars. The second fermentation takes place in the bottle, which lies in a horizontal position for an average period of 24/36 months, with peaks of 120 months or longer.

Just as Nature has its rhythms and seasons, so our patient work means waiting to achieve the best wines.

Stay tuned!
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