Gavi del Comune di Tassarolo, a pleasure to taste and look at

Our latest new entry is Gavi del Comune di Tassarolo, an organic wine made exclusively with grapes from Tassarolo. With its wealth of delicate fragrances enhanced by some floral and fresh fruit notes, and the successful balance between acidity and flavour, this harmonious white wine is easy to drink.

Its simplicity makes it an ideal accompaniment for a wide variety of dishes while its delicacy suits it to international cuisine.

A special feature that endears Gavi del Comune di Tassarolo to wine lovers all over the world is the label, portraying an enchanting view of our local landscape: anyone drinking the wine, in Italy or any other country, will find themselves looking at the label and dreaming of the gentle hills of Tassarolo and the Gavi area.


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