“Tutto il Gavi a Genova”: wine for solidarity

The Marchese Luca Spinola company took part in the second edition of the event, which in 2017 presented Gavi DOCG to the Genoa area, with which the Piedmontese wine has strong links.

“Tutto il Gavi a Genova” was organised by the  Consorzio Tutela del Gavi consortium.

An ancient association, rooted in the salt routes and the Via Postumia, has now been re-affirmed through solidarity with the people evacuated from their homes after the collapse of the Morandi bridge.

Gavi and Genoa are ‘sister lands’. Historically, the Gavi area is the Genoa hinterland. The Dorias, the Spinolas, the Adornos, the Malaspinas, the Grimaldis, the Lomellinis, were aristocratic Genoese merchant families who established themselves in the so-called Oltregiogo area, attracted by its rich fertile soil and bringing with them that genoese ‘flavour’ that can still be found everywhere in southern Piedmont: in the webs of narrow alleys in the villages, in the use of the appellative ‘Ligure’ in the names of many towns, in the local dialect, and, above all in the cooking, based on vegetables and fish, which explains the presence in Piedmont, a red-wine region, of a great white wine, GAVI DOCG.

In the name of this ancient brotherhood and modern solidarity, the Consorzio Tutela del Gavi consortium and its producers have set up a fund-raising project to help people who lost their homes in the Morandi bridge area; the proceeds will be used for the basic commodities indicated by the people directly affected, through a no-profit organisation. The “Ventanni” twenty-year bottle created in 2018 for the DOCG’s anniversary will be put up for sale for minimum offers of 20 €  on three occasions: at the meeting of 4 October, on 10 October during Milano Wine Week, and at “Rolli Days” on 13 and 14 October, in Palazzo Nicolosio Lomellino, Genoa.

In turn, the producers of Gavi DOCG will donate 1 € for each bottle sold until 30 December 2018, dressing their wine-bottles with a collar marked “GAVI PER GENOVA”.