Success for organic wines: first stop in Denmark

There was a huge turnout for the first stop of the Organic Italian Wine Tour in Copenhagen on 9 November, which we took part in with our organic wines.

The event was organised in two parts: the first for industry operators – buyers, importers, Ho.Re.Ca. representatives, sommeliers – and the second for the public and wine-lovers, at the Hotel-og Restaurantskolen Cookery School in Valby, Copenhagen.

The tour was organised by Organic Value, an association that provides international support for the Italian organic wine industry, whose 101,000 hectares (including already certified areas and areas under conversion) make it the worldwide industry leader, on a par with Spain. Organic wine production in Italy has been the largest and fastest-growing sector in the world industry, and today Italian organic wine represents almost 16% of the total, attesting to a production culture with an ever stronger focus on the environmental sustainability and healthiness of wine.

Italian organic wine exports accounted for 3.4% of total wine exports from Italy in 2016, but the share is growing continuously (1.9% in 2014 and 2.6% in 2015). Furthermore, say all the most reliable observers, the growth potential of Italian organic wine exports is extremely high: to be realised, it needs the support of projects to aggregate and raise the internationalisation expertise of Italy’s organic producers. According to a recent Wine Monitor Nomisma survey, 85% of organic wine producers in Italy who do not export their products today say the reason is the absence of adequate tools. A further 27% say their small size limits their ability to attain the financial resources needed to achieve success on international markets.

Click here to find out more and read the Organic Value interview with Jens Lindby Nielsen, a Danish importer of organic and biodynamic wines and spirits, a fast-growing sector in Denmark.